The Great Canadian Chip Taste Test


Beavers tails, Nanaimo bars, Timbits and… Bacon Poutine Chips? Behold a potentially new, uniquely Canadian snack. Lay’s “Do Us a Flavour” potato chip contest is back and they’ve received 1.25 million submissions. The winner gets a cool $50,000 plus one per cent of future sales. We tested out “Bacon Poutine,” “Cinnamon Bun,” “Jalapeño Mac N’ Cheese” and “Tzatziki” chips.  Amongst us, no clear winner and no clear loser emerged. Everyone had a personal favourite. Mine? Bacon Poutine. Bold poutine perfection captured in a crisp chip. My least favourite? Cinnamon Bun. Sweet chips just ain’t my thing but it was a solid #1 for a few colleagues.

You have until October 15, 2014 to pick the next great Canadian chip. Click here to vote.



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