Month: March 2019

Indian-Style Vegetable Curry with Potatoes and Cauliflower

Photography by America's Test Kitchen

Photography by America’s Test Kitchen

Truth be told, I’m an America’s Test Kitchen super fan. Books, magazines, websites and podcasts are consumed in mass quantity. I’m drawn to them because of their peerless range. My judgement, however, is not distorted and I am willing to give any product a bad grade if warranted. But, it won’t be the case with their recent release, How to Braise Everything. The book is a modern master on braising and earns high marks from me.

The elemental methods of the book are simple: Combine your main ingredient with a flavourful liquid, cook (usually) at a low temperature, and you’re left with superbly tender meat or vegetables and a flavourful sauce or broth, both parts benefitting from an exchange of flavours.


Eating my way through L.A.

Howlin' Ray's

Howlin’ Ray’s – 727 N Broadway Ste 128, Los Angeles, California

Howlin' Ray's

Howlin’ Ray’s – The Sando: Boneless breast, slaw, comeback sauce, pickles, butter bun


Baked Mascarpone French Toast with Cherries

Baked Mascarpone French Toast with Cherries

Photography by Aya Brackett

Mark Bittman is revered for his simple, straightforward, and flexible approach to everyday cooking. In Dinner for Everyone, he shares 100 essential main dishes, each with easy, vegan, and all-out recipes as the mood or occasion requires.

These 300 all-new recipes, accompanied by more than 100 full-colour photographs, form a diverse collection that includes quick meals for busy weeknights (hearty soups, tacos, and one-pot pastas), creative plant-based fare that will please both vegans and non-vegans alike (lemon polenta with mushroom ragu, pomegranate-glazed eggplant, or cauliflower tinga tacos), and impressive dishes perfect for entertaining (handmade noodles and even your Thanksgiving centerpiece). (more…)

Chestnut Layer Cake with Hazelnut Nougat

Chestnut Layer Cake with hazelnut nougat

Photography by Brigitte Sporrer

Want tasty vegan, vegetarian, eggless, or dairy-free bakes? This book is packed with vegan baking recipes that are quick, simple, and delicious.

Authors Daniela Lais and Jérôme Eckmeier are longtime vegans with a passion for cooking, teaching you to bake irresistibly good treats such as gooey vegan brownies, light and fluffy vegan pancakes and eggless cakes, or a smooth and creamy vegan “cheesecake.”

Use their clever tips to avoid disappointing, dry, or unrisen results, and follow their instructions to make your own everyday vegan substitutions for mainstream baking ingredients such as cream cheese and buttermilk. Even if you’re a beginning baker, Easy Vegan Baking will help you triumph in the kitchen.