A weekend escape to T.O., part 2

CN Tower, Toronto

Sometimes I just need to escape to the big city. True, it comes with some headaches like snarling traffic and unruly crowds. But the benefits of being in a metropolis far outweigh the liabilities. If only to get me out of my food slump.

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Chipotle, Chipotle, how do I love thee? I may seem strange to profess ones love to a fast food restaurant but considering the jam-packed Yonge street location, I am not alone in my adoration of the burrito bowl. And like long-distance lovers reunited after a lengthy time apart, it was oh so sweet. I long for the day when we can once again be together. Chipotle, it wouldn’t hurt you to save me some gas money and move to my neck of the woods. I love thee but how much do you love me?

Chiptole, Yonge Street Toronto Yonge Street, TorontoYonge Street, Toronto Yonge Street, Toronto

Staying close to “home,” we tried out Riz, a gluten-free Asian restaurant. The Thai mango salad and crispy lemon halibut were delicious and safe choices for a guest in our party with food sensitivities.

Riz, Bayview, Toronto Riz, Bayview, Toronto IMG_6674

Let them eat cacao! Tucked into trendy Yorkville, MoRoCo Chocolate feels like an elegant French chocolatrie. A rainbow of macrons are displayed next to devastatingly rich truffles. Each chocolate seems to have its own story and its own flavour. The lounge at MoRoCo Chocolat alludes to old world luxury but lends itself to a chic Parisian hideaway.  Dark drapes cloak the room with smouldering grey and is accented with crisp white mouldings to create the effect of a sexy and romantic niche.  We brunched on Cannoli Stuffed French Toast and an Avocado & Tomato Bread-less Benny. Mouthwateringly delectable.

IMG_6696Moroco Chocolat Moroco Chocolat, Cannoli stuffed French toast Moroco Chocolat, Avocado and tomato breadless benny Moroco ChocolatMoroco Chocolat Moroco Chocolat Moroco Chocolat Moroco Chocolat   Moroco Chocolat Yorkville

Who eats Thanksgiving Dinner at the mall? Tis I. As I was was wandering aimlessly through Yorkdale Mall trying to kill time, I was assaulted by a flagrant waft that could only be recognized as the scent of heaven. Was it a mirage? An oasis? Nope. Williams-Sonoma was serving up a sample holiday feast to showcase their Thanksgiving products. I tried out turkey, potatoes and stuffing and they were foodie-fantasy perfection. Thank you to Williams-Sonoma for sharing bites of the quintessential Thanksgiving feast. It was just what I needed and I am ever so grateful.


There is no place like home. Or a temporary home, at least.  How fortunate am I to be treated like family while staying with my friend’s folks? So fortunate. Waking up to eggs and bacon, and being served a dinner of beet, spinach and walnut salad alongside an Irish stew punctuated just how blessed I am.

Toronto IMG_6714 IMG_6715 IMG_6721

Our time there had come to a close and it was time to head back home. Toronto, I will see you again in the spring when the Sox roll into town. Until then, thanks for another weekend escape!

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  1. oh yum — ‘Staying close to “home,” we tried out Riz, a gluten-free Asian restaurant. The Thai mango salad and crispy lemon halibut were delicious and safe choices for a guest in our party with food sensitivities.’

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