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Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies, Celebrate with Kim-Joy: Cute Cakes and Bakes to Make Every Occasion Joyful. Photography by Ellis Parrinder.

Celebrate with Kim-Joy: Cute Cakes and Bakes to Make Every Occasion Joyful i

Let Kim-Joy and her signature cuteness brighten your celebrations. From birthday cakes to year-round events, all occasions are covered!

The 60 sweet recipes are bursting with colour, imagination and fun and there’s something for everyone, no matter what their baking skills.

Big occasions include birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, weddings; and there are plenty of other celebrations too—Graduation Day, New Year’s, new baby, Pride, Thanksgiving, Day of the Dead, Pancake Day and many more.

Vegan and gluten-free alternatives are provided so that no one needs to miss out!


Very Friendly Miniature Ghost Cakes

Very Friendly Miniature Ghost Cakes

Very Friendly Miniature Ghost Cakes, Cute Bakes: Adorable Kawaii-Inspired Cakes & Treats by Juliet Sear. Photography by Jacqui Melville.

Cute Bakes: Adorable Kawaii-Inspired Cakes & Treats by Juliet Sear

Cute Bakes is a baking and decorating book containing over 30 cute Kawaii-inspired cakes, cookies, cupcakes, donuts, cake pops and more.

Each design is super quick, super cute and super easy to make. Try an avocado cookie, a unicorn cake, adorable kitten donuts, bunny rabbit macaroons and more. These seriously sweet treats not only look amazing, they taste delicious.

Juliet shows easy step-by-step instructions on how to ice and decorate your creations to perfection, making them the perfect gift or party treat. From larger cakes to small cookies and cupcakes, there’s something to suit every occasion.


Food Art: Italian Artist Giulia Bernardelli 

From musicians and famous faces to scenes from fairy tales like Peter Pan, Italian artist Giulia Bernardelli transforms food scraps and spilt remains into revealing portraits and gorgeous scenery.

Bernardelli came across coffee as a medium for her art by chance: She accidentally knocked over a cup of coffee and noticed a world of beautiful shapes before her.

“I decided to replace the brush by what nature has to offer, such as leaves, fruit peels, or just food. All these elements feature different colours and textures,” she told the Huffington Post.

In 2014, she began sharing her art via Instagram, (@bernulia) where she has since garnered more than 52,000 followers.

“Everything that I needed was around me, if I looked carefully. I never plan my work in advance. When I drink coffee, I reflect on the nuances that I could create if I turned it over on the table.” Bernardelli prefers her artwork to be ephemeral and to feel as though they are found creations that were stumbled upon by happenstance.

Ms. Bernardelli, 27, is a graduate of Fine Arts program at L’Académie des beaux-arts de Bologne.

Follow her on Instagram @bernulia to discover more of her creations.


The Art of Food

Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin met over several glasses of rosé and quickly recognized their shared passion for all things food, photography, travel and art. Their collaborations have spanned a decade, and they continue to push the boundaries always attempting to find a balance between beauty and the unthinkable. With food as their favored medium, they always manage to turn the mundane into works of art. Below are some of the more engrossing photos from their collection.

Their food maps documents the inconic food of countries and continents and transforms them into tasty typography.

USA Corn

Australia Shrimp


China Noodles


France Cheese and bread


India Spices


Italy Tomatoes

Africa banana and plantines


Japan Seaweed


New Zealand Kiwi fruit

New Zealand

South America Citrus

South America

UK and Ireland Biscuits

UK and Ireland

Iconic Rothko paintings recreated from rice.




Re-creating museums such as the Guggenheim, the Louvre, and the Tate Modern, Henry and Caitlin masterfully created these art galleries made from candy and gingerbread.

The Louvre Paris – Pyramid extension (Gingerbread, hard candy, licorice).
  The Louvre
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum New York – Frank Lloyd Wright (Icing, gingerbread, cotton candy, candy wrappers, licorice and sugar).
 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Tate Modern London – modern extensions, Herzog & de Meuron (Gingerbread, hard candy, cotton candy and bubble gum).

 Tate Modern
This chilling photo essay re-creates death row inmates’ final meals before being executed.
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