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Food Art: Italian Artist Giulia Bernardelli 

From musicians and famous faces to scenes from fairy tales like Peter Pan, Italian artist Giulia Bernardelli transforms food scraps and spilt remains into revealing portraits and gorgeous scenery.

Bernardelli came across coffee as a medium for her art by chance: She accidentally knocked over a cup of coffee and noticed a world of beautiful shapes before her.

“I decided to replace the brush by what nature has to offer, such as leaves, fruit peels, or just food. All these elements feature different colours and textures,” she told the Huffington Post.

In 2014, she began sharing her art via Instagram, (@bernulia) where she has since garnered more than 52,000 followers.

“Everything that I needed was around me, if I looked carefully. I never plan my work in advance. When I drink coffee, I reflect on the nuances that I could create if I turned it over on the table.” Bernardelli prefers her artwork to be ephemeral and to feel as though they are found creations that were stumbled upon by happenstance.

Ms. Bernardelli, 27, is a graduate of Fine Arts program at L’Académie des beaux-arts de Bologne.

Follow her on Instagram @bernulia to discover more of her creations.