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By now, you’ve probably heard from far and wide that green tea is good for you. Green tea is thought to do all kinds of things from helping to prevent cancer and heart disease, to aiding with weight loss and freshening breath. The fine folks at Sencha Naturals recently sent me a box of their green tea products to sample (perhaps they knew something I didn’t?)

The green tea latte combines matcha and coconut for a creamy, green tea latte — no milk required. When mixed with water, it looks god-awful and perilous. A frothy, earthy and greeny mélange. But get over yourself, looks aren’t everything. It smells heavenly and tastes divine: creamy, luscious and refreshing. My workplace has adopted the latte as its official mid-afternoon eyeball opening rejuvenating beverage. The ingredients list is simple: Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Coconut Oil, Algae Flour, Organic Matcha Powder, Mango and Vanilla Extracts. And for those who care, it’s vegan, it’s gluten-free, and more importantly, it’s delicious. My fav is the Tropical Mango but it also comes in equally tasty Bombay Chai and Original flavour.

Japanese green tea is also said to inhibit the growth of oral bacteria, helping you conquer bad breath naturally. So Sencha Naturals have created a line of halitosis fighting leaf-shaped green tea mints. And, guess what? They really do work, also taste divine and come in an abundance of flavours: Original, Tropical Mango, Pink Dragon fruit, Moroccan Mint, Bombay Chai, Yuzu Ginger, Fresh Melon and Asian Pear. They have a new flavour available for Spring called Cherry Blossom (although, it seems to have, ahem, been left out of my sample box). The mints come in canisters and tubes and are available in variety packs and gift sets.

One last thing. I know I said that looks aren’t everything but let’s be honest — it counts for something. The packaging on this stuff is gorgeous. Every single time I pulled out the mints, I got a multitude of oohs and aahs and “what’s that?” from obviously jealous admirers.

Sencha Naturals products are available in stores through the U.S. They also ship to the US and Canada though their website.


Sencha naturals green tea mints

Green Tea Leaf Mints

Photo: Gregor Halenda

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