The best thing I ate this month – July 2015


Day-tripping to Upstate New York recently led me to the grocery store where I spotted this gem: Bacon Horseradish Heluva Good dip. It has that creamy texture and addictive qualities that we’ve come to expect from Heluva Good dips. Best of all, it has an authentic bacon taste. You’ll want to dip again, and again, and again. When reached, a company representative said that there were no immediate plans to produce Bacon Horseradish Heluva Good dip in Canada. Too bad. Hopefully they’ll have a change of heart. The mouth-watering temptation of bacon and the zesty heat of horseradish blended together with real sour cream make for one unbelievably great tasting dip. It earned high marks in my eyes and was definitely the best thing I ate this month.



  1. So, on your next grocery shopping trip to the US, I’ll fork over for a tub of this stuff-==- if you don’t mind shopping for it! Ciao bello, T

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