Cherry Coke Float

Cherry Coke Float

Cherry Coke Float excerpted from Disco Drinks: 60 Decadent and Delicious Cocktails, Pitcher Drinks, and No/Lo Sippers by Jassy Davis.

Disco Drinks: 60 Decadent and Delicious Cocktails, Pitcher Drinks, and No/Lo Sippers by Jassy Davis

Immerse yourself with ’70s vibes by making and enjoying 60 disco-inspired cocktails, slushies, and martinis that will put you in a groovy mood.

With step-by-step instructions for each cocktail, accompanied by a full-colour illustration of the beautiful finished product, Disco Drinks is your key to a slammin’ 1970s-themed cocktail party, and an exciting addition to any mixology enthusiast’s collection. Featuring recipes that can be created at any time in any kitchen, transform your home into the new hot destination.

This recipe guide includes tutorials for both beginners and expert mixologists. Learn new techniques for layering, garnishing, and decorations, and rediscover old favorites that have stood the test of time.

Inspired by the 1970s party spirit, you will find playful and colourful drinks such as:

  • Rainbow Over Paradise
  • Blue Hawaii
  • Pink Squirrel
  • Midori Sour
  • Harvey Wallbanger
  • Aperol Spritz
  • Shark Bite
  • Lemon Drop Shooters
  • Strawberry Frose
  • And more!

Disco Drinks also includes nonalcoholic offerings that can be made as individual sips (Disco Shandy, Angel Wings) or pitcher-sized for parties (Whipped Lemonade, Arnold Palmer). Every recipe is out of sight! Disco Drinks ​is your ultimate guide to dazzling drinks. Time to mix it up and boogie down!

Disco Drinks: 60 Decadent and Delicious Cocktails, Pitcher Drinks, and No/Lo Sippers by Jassy Davis is available at, and    

Cherry Coke Float

Serves 4

Is there anything more nostalgic than an ice cream float? Even if you didn’t drink ice cream sodas during school vacation when you were growing up, somehow the second a frothy glass of cola and ice cream is served up you’ll find yourself transported back in time to when you were a kid and the most important things in your life were your friends, being allowed out to ride your bike, and getting your hands on as much soda pop as possible.

Cherry coke was first rolled out in 1985, making this an extra-nostalgic drink for anyone who longs for a Stranger Things childhood (minus the Demogorgon). When you pour your cherry-flavored cola into the glass with the vanilla ice cream, it will immediately foam up, creating a fluffy layer of froth that will crown your ice cream soda. To keep the froth down to a manageable level, trickle the cola down the side of the glass so you steadily build a layer of foam rather than a fizzing spume of bubbles that flows over the top of the glass.


2 ounces grenadine syrup

2 ounces tart cherry juice

3 cups (24 ounces) cola, chilled

4 large scoops of vanilla ice cream

Whipped cream and maraschino cherries, to garnish


Pour the grenadine syrup and tart cherry juice into a pitcher. Stir well to mix. Pour in the cola and gently stir to combine.

Add large scoops of vanilla ice cream to 4 mason or collins glasses. Top up the glasses with the chilled cherry cola. You’ll need to tilt the glasses as you pour, so you’re pouring the cola down the side of the glass rather than directly onto the ice cream. The cola will foam up, so do this slowly. You may need to half-fi ll each glass with cola, then let the bubbles die down before filling them up.

Top the drink with a spoonful of whipped cream, a maraschino cherry, and a reusable straw, to stir.

Recipe reprinted with permission from Rock Point.

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