Ceasar’s Palace

Meet Me in Las Vegas

The part of Las Vegas in this blog post in being played by Windsor.

I’ve never been to Las Vegas. No bachelor parties, no Siegfried & Roy, no gentlemen’s clubs, no Liberace museum. The closest I’ve ever been to Vegas is Windsor. I know. It’s a little sad. But I was travelling to Windsor to see my nephew get married and as a result, I got to experience a little slice of Vegas at the posh Caesars Hotel.
Not sure how Roman General Julius Caesar would feel about having a hotel/casino named after him, in Windsor no less. Although the hotel is without reproach, the two restaurants I dined at, Taza Mediterranean Grill and Artist Cafe, are worthy of a civil war. Caesar would not have been impressed. Those two restaurants are not terrible but certainly not worthy of such a world-class hotel. The shawarma meal at Taza was pretty bland and the meat was dry. Breakfast wasn’t much better. There is a breakfast buffet at Artist Cafe that was similarly unimpressive. The long lines to enter the restaurant wasn’t indicative of the great food, there is just no where else to go. I didn’t get to Neros Steakhouse which I hear is incredible. Next time.
Throughout the years I’ve stayed in many, many hotels. Caesar’s Windsor is by far the best. Amazing facilities, great service and wonderful entertainment all under one enormous roof. I do think that they need to improve the dining establishments. It will not, however, get in the way of a return trip. I can’t wait to go back. And I still have my hopes up for Vegas. But in the meantime, Caesars Windsor is a great stand-in!