Chicken, Kale & Feta Dumplings with Sicilian Olives

Chicken, Kale & Feta Dumplings with Sicilian Olives

Chicken, Kale & Feta Dumplings with Sicilian Olives, Slow Victories: A Food Lover’s Guide to Slow Cooker Glory by Katrina Meynink. Photography by Katrina Meynink, Kait Barker.

Slow Victories

Slow Victories removes the angst from the dinner rut with creative ways to use slow cookers for surprising results. It throws off the idea that cookbooks directed by convenience are necessarily virtuous or bland, instead of delivering ideas for across the week that readers may not have associated with this indispensable kitchen appliance. (And in doing so, does away with the antiquated view that slow cookers are exclusively for time-poor or lazy cooks.)

Mother of three Katrina Meynink embraces the chaos and sometimes hilarity of life with a line-up of 90-plus recipes that suit in all the moments, with chapters dedicated, individually, to grains, soups, condiments, batch cooking, vegetables, weekend cooking, sweets, fancy things, and the dreaded end-of-week what’s-for-dinner-dilemma—so-called Fragile Fridays at her house. Highlights are hard to pick and include: Spiced lamb burghul; Old school tomato soup; Fenugreek cauliflower curry; Wild rice with mushrooms, rosemary and cranberries; Strawberry and pink peppercorn crumble bars; and Yuzu lemon pudding with lemon crumble.

Slow Victories also offers advice on stocking pantries and fridges for slow cooking greatness, and insider tips on hacks that are a further reminder of how the slow cooker can be every food lover’s friend. Because it’s not about getting out of the kitchen, it is about using time there efficiently and with maximum creativity and flavour. (more…)

Restaurant Review: Town.

Go to Town! No, seriously. Go to Town. It’s one of the most “with it” restaurants I’ve frequented of late. It’s got it’s act together for sure. Of note is their service. Attentive yet not overly so. The servers are knowledgeable and serve without hovering. I love that.

The food was quite impressive. Don’t be put off by my poor photography skills. I had their trout ala nonna. Pan seared trout with lentils, bacon, pearl onions, tomatoes, enochi mushrooms with a guanciale (bacon) vinaigrette for $24.

My pal had the half-chicken under a brick. Black garlic jus, mascarpone mash potatoes, butternut squash, Brussel sprouts and chestnuts for $25. I was graciously allowed a sample and found it to be quite delicious. I might order the chicken next time.

You’ll need a reservation. They have 5:00 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. slots available. When I made the reservation, I was told that we would need to leave before 7:15 (annoying). But we managed to eat, drink and talk plenty before finally leaving at 7:30 pm. There was nary a peep from server. I would definitely recommend Town. I hope to go back soon to sample the chicken and maybe the ricotta stuffed meatballs. It’s supposed to be their signature dish.

Town is located at 296 Elgin in between Browns Cleaners and Money Mart.

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