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Clafoutis, The Forager’s Pantry: Cooking with Wild Edibles by Elen Zachos. Photography by Douglas Merriam.

The Forager's Pantry: Cooking with Wild Edibles by Ellen Zachos

Many home cooks want to experiment with wild foods and explore new flavours, but don’t know where to start? The Forager’s Pantry was written for you.

This comprehensive and accessible book by Ellen Zachos takes readers through spices and herbs, flowers, fruit, greens, nuts and seeds, tubes and roots, and mushrooms, showing how some of the best ingredients come from nature itself.

The Forager’s Pantry is for any home cook, chef, or foodie who wants to incorporate foraged flavors into their everyday cooking.

This guide will start with individual ingredients before going into techniques, preservation, and master recipes, making foraged food both accessible and delicious. This book is for the adventurous home cook just waiting to get started—combine new foods with familiar staples, explore wild ingredients, and bring new life and excitement to your cooking. (more…)