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Product Review: Food Huggers

food huggers

Check out this cool product called Food Huggers. They are silicone reusable food savers that provide a protective seal over produce and are meant to prolong the life of cut fruit and veggies. I found that this claim was actually true. They also help reduce on plastic wrap waste. The silicone seals the produce snuggly and doesn’t suffocate it like a plastic bag. The Food Huggers come in four sizes so it allows you to protect different sized fruits and veggies. In testing these products, I found them easy to store, dishwasher, microwave and even freezer safe. The silicon stretches to fit and will also work on jars and cans.

My personal fav was the Avocado Hugger. It comes with a pit pocket that can be pushed in or out depending if the half you are saving has a pit. They come in two sizes for avocados large and small.

If you’re interested, Food Savers are available for $9.99. Find out more here.


Food Huggers

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