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Beeswax, Peaches and Elderflower

Beeswax, Peaches and Elderflower

Beeswax, Peaches and Elderflower, Sun and Rain by Ana Roš. Photography by Suzan Gabrijan.

Ana Roš, considered one of the world’s best chefs, is the chef and owner of Hiša Franko in the Slovenian countryside.

Hiša Franko, one of the world’s most celebrated restaurants, is situated in Slovenia’s lush and remote Soca Valley, resting between the foothills of the mountains and a stunning turquoise river. One of the most influential and inspiring talents, Roš took the helm at the restaurant in 2002, from her in-laws, without any culinary training. She now runs the restaurant with her husband, Valter, who is the in-house sommelier and cheese-monger.

Roš’s rebellious spirit and idiosyncratic style of cooking has contributed to putting her, the restaurant, and Slovenia on the map. In 2016 she appeared in an episode of the Netflix series Chef’s Table, in 2017 she was named the World’s Best Female Chef, and Hiša Franko is currently ranked #38 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Nearly all the restaurant diners travel from abroad to taste Roš’s cooking and experience the beautiful Slovenian landscape.