jerk-marinated pork anticuchos cooking instructions

Jerk-Marinated Pork Anticuchos

Jerk-Marinated Pork Anticuchos

Jerk-Marinated Pork Anticuchos excerpted from Yawd by Adrian Forte. Copyright © 2022 Adrian Forte. Photography by John Molina.

Yawd: Modern Afro-Caribbean Recipes by Adrian Forte

Yawd = comfort food that sticks to your ribs! Dive into this bold, flavour-filled cookbook packed with fresh Afro-Caribbean recipes to bring some island vibes to your home.

In his first cookbook, Top Chef Canada star Adrian Forte shares more than 100 inspiring and delicious recipes to get you fired up in the kitchen.

Try new riffs on Caribbean classics like Coconut Fried Chicken, Spiced Steamed Fish, Rasta Pasta, and Pepper Shrimp Paella. Incorporate more African ancestral ingredients into your repertoire with Ackee & Saltfish Fritters or Okra Pilaf; and try the dishes Adrian has now made his signature like Oxtail Gnocchi or Jerk-Marinated Chicken Coq au Vin.

As well as great recipes—including a chapter on soups and porridges and oodles of plant-based options—Yawd explores the key ingredients of Afro-Caribbean cuisine and gives multi-use recipes for essentials such as Jerk Dry Rub and Marinade or Pickled Scotch Bonnets. (more…)