"Birthday Month" – My dinner with Humphrey

My uncle is a fascinating guy. Apart from being an admirable person, he loves Paris the way I love Boston. Hard to imagine, I know. He spends oodles of time in France hanging out with his friends. He fences (with a sword!) He’s a wine aficionado and a proficient chef. He has the ultimate green thumb. He’s a skilled photographer. He’s kind to my mom (his sister), to me (his godson) and he’s a supportive father to his two great kids. And if that wasn’t enough, he has the raddest dog on the block, Humphrey.

I always enjoy spending time with my uncle and I was happy to snag an invite to his groovy abode. Not much to report but suffice it to say that it was a nice evening, with some fine wine, some good food and a cool dog. Sometimes, that’s all that matters. Enjoy the pics below.

My boy Humphrey
A jade plant
Another jade plant. This one is humungous.
I think this is an azalea.  I’m not a plant guy so I can’t be sure.
A funny birdie
A pensive Humphrey


Stuffed tomatoes
Chicken brochettes, potatoes and stuffed tomatoes. Delicious!
The darkening sky as seen from the backyard