quick glass noodle soup

Glass Noodle Soup

Glass Noodle Soup

Glass Noodle Soup, Sarah Jansala and Renoo Jansala, Page Street Publishing Co. 2019. Photography by Toni Zernik.

Authentic Thai flavour is made vegan with chef Renoo Jansala’s incredible recipes and her unique “fish” sauce. Thai food has often been off-limits to vegans not only because of the meat but because of one of the primary ingredients-fish sauce. Renoo has perfected a vegan “fish” sauce with a soy sauce base and various salts that imparts that same kick and authentic flavour.

Vegan Thai Kitchen

Even though many of their recipes use soy, it can easily be substituted with tamari if home cooks are trying to avoid soy or gluten. Consumers are eating less and less meat every year and the demand for plant-based alternatives to meat-centric staples is on the rise.

When Sarah and her mother decided to open their restaurant in Portland, Oregon, they realized there was a big demand for vegetarian and vegan Thai food. Sarah’s mother, Renoo, is an immigrant from Thailand and a vegan. Seeing the popularity of veganism inspired her to create the menu for Kati Portland, allowing her to finally share some of her favourite dishes.

This book will include spicy, from-scratch curries, stir-fry with flavorful garlic and pepper tempeh, and east-to-make favourites like Gluten-Free Pad Thai and Tom Yum Veggie soup. It will also include one of the most popular dishes at their restaurant, Tom Kha, a spicy soup with tofu, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and mushrooms.