recipe of egg sandwich

Tamago-sando with miso mayonnaise

Tamago-sando with miso mayonnaise (Egg Sandwich)

Tamago-sando with miso mayonnaise (Egg Sandwich), excerpted from The Japanese Table by Sofia Hellsten. (C) 2020 Reproduced by permission of Hardie Grant. Photography by Sofia Hellsten.

The Japanese TableIn The Japanese Table, Sofia Hellsten celebrates her love of Japan with the simple recipes that are the backbone of Japanese home cooking.

Based on the ichijuu-sansai tradition—which literally means ‘one soup, three dishes’—uncomplicated, delicious small plates are served with steamed rice and can be enjoyed at any time of day. Each ingredient is treated like royalty, and recipes include Onigiri, Clear shiitake soup, Soy-pickled eggs and Sweet miso cod.

With suggestions on how to build the perfect meal, as well as easy-to-find ingredients and quick methods, The Japanese Table will inspire you to make Japanese food your everyday staple.

The Japanese Table: Small Plates for Simple Meals is available at an (more…)