Sourdough: From Scratch

Focaccia integrale

Focaccia integrale

Focaccia integrale, Sourdough: Slow Down, Make Bread by James Morton. Photography by Andy Sewell.

Sourdough: Slow Down, Make Bread

Sourdough: From Scratch features recipes and top tips on everything you need to know to make your own sourdough from scratch. For home bakers, sourdough is the true test of every aspiring bread-maker. Fickle, delicate, every loaf is unique. And there are a LOT of pitfalls to be avoided. It’s much more than simply a food: sourdough is a science. So who better than Dr. James Morton, baking pedant and fermentation fanatic, to explain the basics for both the uninitiated and more experienced bakers?

James talks the home cook through everything from starters, flours and hydration, to kneading, shaping, rising, slashing and baking, explaining how to achieve the perfect crust and crumb. With a foolproof recipe for the perfect loaf, clear step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting tips, and explanations of what works and why, From Scratch: Sourdough is the accessible handbook that bakers everywhere have been waiting for.

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