The best thing I ate this month – February 2016


Photograph by Carl Tremblay – America’s Test Kitchen

A two layer cake with one batter? Lemon pudding cakes are a desert that should be beset with any number of issues. Yet during baking, the egg whites miraculously rise to the top in soufflé fashion, while the lemon pudding skillfully sinks to the bottom—just like magic! But how is this achieved? Carefully and with expert guidance from the fine folks at America’s Test Kitchen.

Not being much of a baker, I attempted this recipe with trepidation. There were multiple steps and I followed them to the letter (I’m not much of a rebel). The outcome turned out better than expected. Although the cracked tops are an indicator that I may have left the cakes in the oven too long, this was of no significance to my guests as evidenced by the choruses of “oohs” and “yums.”

This is a showstopper of a dessert and definitely worth the effort. The cake was light and lemony and the pudding was silky smooth and oh so delicious. And, it was definitely the best thing I ate this month.

Check out a video from America’s Test Kitchen for a step-by-step on how to make this luscious lemon pudding cake.



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