make a strawberry cheesecake

Classic cheesecake with homemade strawberry sauce

Classic cheesecake with homemade strawberry sauce

Back to the Fure Dessert: McFly Cheesecake – Classic cheesecake with homemade strawberry sauce, reprinted with permission from GASTRONOGEEK © 2020 by Thibaud Villanova and Maxime Léonard, Running Press.

Presenting pop culture delicacies for both casual and devoted fans, this cookbook includes forty-two recipes to conjure up unbelievable three-course menus influenced by fifteen fandoms from science fiction, fantasy, manga, horror, and comics. Become a gourmet geek with this mouthwatering menu:

-A delicate “Impossible Soufflé” from Doctor Who
-“Sanji’s Special Pork Steaks” from One Piece
-The aptly named “Transylvanian Beef” from Dracula with roast beef, onions, and saffron potatoes
-A hearty “Vegetables of Yesteryear Pie” from The Lord of the Rings
-Specialty sweets and desserts: “Martha Kent’s Apricot and Almond Tart,” “McFly Cheesecake,” or the “Eye of Sauron Sabayon”, and more!

From comfort food to culinary classics, pop culture chef Thibaud Villanova’s imaginative recipes are sure to amaze and delight everyone gathered around the table.


Gastronogeek: 42 Recipes from Your Favorite Imaginary Worlds is available at and