margherita pizza

Margherita Pizza

Margherita Pizza, The Silver Spoon Classic

Margherita Pizza, The Silver Spoon Classic

Italian culture is defined in part by the art of cooking, blending ancient traditions with contemporary innovation. First published in 2005, The Silver Spoon has helped transform a generation of English speakers into experienced Italian cooks.

The Silver Spoon Classic is a luxurious collection of 170 of the most authentic recipes from the world’s leading Italian cookbook, complete with new photography and a fresh, updated design.

The title of this seminal cookbook derives from the English phrase, “a baby born with a silver spoon in her mouth,” which describes someone who has been born into a rich heritage.

The original Il Cucchio d’Argento was published in 1950. Since then, millions of copies have been sold around the world. Phaidon’s 2005 edition was followed by an updated and revised edition in 2011, which continues to be the most authoritative book on Italian home cooking.

The Silver Spoon Classic is the definitive compilation of the original cookbook’s best and most iconic recipes, featuring newly photographed dishes and written in language that is accessible to gourmands and beginners alike.


Back Lane Cafe

That’s what it felt like. Like I stepped into some dandyish Paris bistro for lunchminus the haughty ambiance. Walking into Hintonburg’s Back Lane Café you’re immediately transported into a different reality than whence you came. It feels like you’ve travelled, without actually travelling. The tables are adorned with mismatched chairs. Weathered window shutters grace the walls. The place is intimate, comforting, homey and well worn. It feels like it’s been here forever.
Gazing towards Wellington Street

I’ve read that the owner, having been inspired by a recent six-year stint in Paris, wanted to recreate a time where people lived their lives in the local back lanes, surrounded by neighbours, open air kitchens and vegetable gardens.

Homemade bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar
I ordered the Chilled pan seared trout with cucumber salad, tomato and tahini sauce. I’m normally a burger/pizza kind-a-guy but I’m a sucker for trout or any fresh fish for that matter. The meal was fresh and very flavourful. The portion was a little on the smallish side for my appetite but the extra portions of homemade bread saved me.
Chilled pan seared trout, with cucumber salad, tomato and tahini sauce
My lunch companion ordered a margherita pizza. She noted that it was a bit chewy but delicious nonetheless.
I want to go back to try the Almond, garlic and mushroom paté starter. I hear it’s a speciality and has already garnered stellar ratings. As have the mussels. Next time I’m there, I am going to try the roast pork on baguette with mustard and pickled zucchini. Or I might even have a burger or a pizza. I like that the menu allows for alternatives. Parisian ambiance with decidedly French food or Parisian ambiance with unquestionably North American and Mediterranean fare. Regardless of the menu choices you make, sometimes it’s just nice to escape to another milieu. Back Lane Café offers you that option.
Be forewarned. It is hard to get a dinner reservation for this restaurant. You may want to pop in for a quick lunch like we did.

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