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Roasted Aubergine Lasagna

Roasted Aubergine Lasagna

Roasted Aubergine Lasagna, The Plant Kitchen, Photography copyright © Ryland Peters & Small 2020.

The Paint Kitchen More and more of us are cutting out animal protein and products from our diets, or at the very least reducing them. Sticking to your resolve to eat a meat-free diet is going to be so much easier when your food is easy to prepare and exciting to eat. This is where The Plant Kitchen comes in.

Many of these recipes rely on a rainbow of fresh produce, alongside tasty vegan sources of protein, such as beans, lentils, and nuts. Seasonings and sauces take their inspiration from all around the world, creating hearty and nourishing meals with eye-popping colour and irresistible flavour. From tender peas, asparagus, and baby carrots and sun-burnished bell peppers and tomatoes, to the starchy roots and potatoes of the colder months, there is a plant-based recipe here that will showcase seasonal produce all year round, satisfy your appetite, and take you on a voyage of vegan food discovery.

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